Alterations on Lingerie?!–YES YOU CAN!

So I have come to find, many women do not realize the fact that you are able to complete alterations on lingerie. When you really think about it, you can take anything from a simple pair of slacks on up to an extravagant wedding dress to the tailor–so why not lingerie?!
The issue is, most tailors have not studied the art form and, therefore, do not know how to construct or deconstruct such a piece. For this reason, many tailors just fold over and stitch down the band. This leaves the straps angled at the center of one’s back, and greatly throws off the proportion of the bra.
Certain things are best not to be altered…but this should be spoken about with the owner, and left up to them to decide if they want to do it anyway. This, also, should be recognizable by whomever is doing the alteration. Stitch types, thread colors, etc., should also be recognized but, often-times haven’t, in not only my ventures…but also in those of several other women interviewed! This, of course, leaves people with bras that appear toooootally different than what they initially communicated.
Now….the above is on the simpler side of things. Imagine the horror one receives when she has a bra that is already breaking down from a massive amount of wear or {we’ve all had it done or have done so ourselves at one point or another} the accidental machine wash &/or dry –eek!!
Now, not only does that person have to fix what is wrong, they have to make it look like it was never messed up to begin with! Well ladies…I am here to tell you, it CAN be done! Lucky for you, it is one of the major things adrinADietra is trying to bring to the forefront of the lingerie industry.
Don’t take our word for it–view the below images of a re-vamped bra and the testimony the customer had concerning it!
Bra in it's original state

Bra in its original state

Bra in original state

Bra in original state

Starting the Deconstruction Process--a Necessary Step to Have a 'Brand-New' Looking Result

Starting the Deconstruction Process–a Necessary Step to Have a ‘Brand-New’ Looking Result

Fully Deconstructed

Fully Deconstructed

Aaaaaaand Complete!

Aaaaaaand Complete!

Final Result

Final Result

Wearable 'Recently Purchased' Looking Bra ^_^

Wearable ‘Recently Purchased’ Looking Bra ^_^

Delicate lingerie deserves to be treated with the same level of care as a fine silk blouse or pair of leather heels — to give your bras, chemises, and knickers the longest lifespan, you ought to take them to trained experts in the field. On a piece so small, every stitch matters, and you want to be confident that your alterations will blend seamlessly into the original design.

Adrina had earned the admiration of hundreds of fans and clients with her independent lingerie designs by the time I came to her with my first alteration request. Rather than take my expensive bra to a regular tailor, who may not understand the minute mechanics of delicates, I knew that Adrina could recognize on sight how my bra was originally put together — and how to put it back together again. She has an innate eye for sewing techniques and fabrication, and since that first alteration, I’ve come back to her again and again to seek out her knowledge.

Lingerie should fit perfectly and look beautiful. Not only should you go to Adrina for a quality, original piece, but you should come back to her for any small fixes and customizations to make it last a lifetime.

-Hilary B.

For the moment, alterations will be very limited, but they will be made fully available when the pop-up shops occur and when we finally become awesome enough to have brick and mortar stationary stores. 

Have a favorite item needing a simple alteration? Shoot us a message!

As always, ‘Lovely Day Ladies and Gents!’
Very Respectfully,
Team A.D

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