Inspiration AW15

So we are hard At work on a new collection. Ping-Ponging ideas for the initial pieces we want to include as well as stylists and stockists we would like to contact. We are thinking, since we are juuuuust inching our toes in the water, we may have to start with less pieces and build momentum juuuust in case the funder does not completely work out.
Just because we heart you guys so much though, we will let you in on a hint of the inspiration behind the AW2015 collection entitled, ‘Symphony of the Mourning.’
Symphony of the Mourning – A Twisted Ballet

A collection for the convergence of worlds — our dreams vs our reality.  A constant battle with our inner selves that will only reveal the winner when the Act is done and the curtain closes  –A.D

We thought it was pretty cool that this title and imagery that we had originally set a release for the present AW2014 season happened to link up with the MET Costume Institute showing. Too bad our release was pushed back <_<
Cheers to the Future!

Jay Briggs

IMG_20140704_230105 IMG_20140704_235749 IMG_20140705_000159 IMG_20140705_001615 IMG_20140705_0053138dec6125981cb92400c440043d6154119651c4cb7fa698f8b1d232d8d2af82fa 877a224328ff5749499031e4a02582d6 bdb35a2926a182112cdb0fa8d94c1a17 8957a5f67e4002a439e08df53a7cb051


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