As some of you may know, besides word of mouth and email sales, A.D was originally sold via the popular online shopping site Etsy.

The good thing about the Etsy test pilot days is, the oportunity for crucial feedback was provided! We would now, like to share this with you to show the dedication we have to our products and clientele.


Screenshot_2015-03-28-10-43-12-1 Screenshot_2015-03-28-10-43-12-2 Screenshot_2015-03-28-10-43-29-1 Screenshot_2015-03-28-10-43-29-2 Screenshot_2015-03-28-10-43-29-3 Screenshot_2015-03-28-10-44-20-1 Screenshot_2015-03-28-10-44-20-2 Screenshot_2015-03-28-10-44-20-3 Screenshot_2015-03-28-10-44-32-1 Screenshot_2015-03-28-10-44-32-2

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