And the Testimonials Just Keep Coming!

Recently we came across an archived testimony written and emailed in.


I live in New York City, which is considered by many as the epicenter of all things the world can offer (except endless bounds of nature). However, as a young woman who loves lingerie but has a “difficult” fitting size, there are not many outlets in which I can find the perfect combination of aesthetic design, fit and function. Many of my favorite brands, aesthetic design-wise, do not offer the kinds of sizes and construction for support. Once bras venture into territories in which the labels have numbers like 26, 28, 30 or letters like GG, HH, J, then it’s no longer stylish in that NYC cutting edge way.

I like to stay true to my personal style so I oftentimes purchase bras that do not fit me as well as they should. The band tends to be very loose and the fabric on the cups dig into me. These are all signs of an ill-fitting bra but this is what I do to follow my heart.

Since I met Adrina, I’ve been able to have my bras transform into better fitting bras and maintain my personal style. I’ve never been able to find a seamtress or a dry cleaning service that can reconstruct a bra to fit completely differently. Adrina is a magician with so many tricks up her sleeves and a mind full of creativity. She has figured out so many ways to create a more supportive band without interfering with the integral design and look of a bra. This isn’t a run of the mill nip and tuck alteration. Each and every bra comes out looking new and I wouldn’t have known the bras were altered if I didn’t own them!

I truly appreciate Adrina’s work and help for making me feel awesome!  It is pretty much every woman’s dream to have lingerie that looks good and feels good. Most companies are lacking in one or the other. Adrina is also one of the very few designers I have met who pay meticulous attention to measurements and dimensions. A woman’s own measurements and dimensions are so unique and that is why it is hard to find something that is “perfect.” I truly hope other women can find the same success that I found within Adrina! I also hope that she brings back the bespoke mindset with measurements!

–Calei C.

Thanks for reading — spread the love! –Team A.D

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