.The Collector’s Collections

Those that are aware of the brand know that my passion is in one-of-a-kind, opulent pieces that have an air of the past. In the same light, I am rather drawn to modernized lines or fabrics that have a sleek almost dark edge to them. This day and night mentality often plays out in the collections–oftentimes mixing but sometimes staying completely separate.

The same amount of passion goes for my love of couture level design but yet, I desire to be accessible to the masses.

While on a quest to refine A.D after a great deal of life changes, I decided to join these ideas, as well as organize old ones. With this in mind, here is a taste of what you can look forward to:

adrinADietra Classics that will always be available. These will be season less groupings of garments as well as {in the future} home and bodily goods divided by style. Each will epitomize a particular design direction in the classic A.D form.

As a huge believer of lingerie being a very personal item, bespoke garments and limited alterations will still be ever developing and welcomed services. The slideshow below shows a selection of garments that will become permanent additions to the Bespoke silhouette gallery.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then, there will be the Collector’s Collections. These collections will not hold to particular seasonal boundaries and will be produced only in an EXTREMELY limited run. As long as supplies last, these items may be requested in bespoke orders, but will carry a surcharge from when the items were still stocked. These elevated price-point collections may carry more detailing, hand or fixed beadwork, elaborate or authentic vintage & antique fabrics, etc.

“The Siren’s Call” will be the first ever limited run collection offered by adrinADietra. A small amount of pieces will be allotted and then sold until they are out.

Sirens Call Web Banner

Welcome to the new A.D!

p.s. The changes have not yet been fully published within our online presence, but in due time, we look forward to your feedback! {info@adrinadietra.com} For constant updates, be sure to follow this blog as well as our social sites!

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