.Kayla — The Artist

Of simple and minimal words, when asked to describe herself–she kept it uber simple:

Young freelance illustrator who heavily bases their drawing style off of old cartoons and street styles while experimenting with lines, shapes and color into her artwork. Located in Brooklyn, NY

Well, just so you guys know, this young lady is even more amazing than she would like to go into!

We met by chance for an almost impromptu photo shoot at Brooklyn’s Dazzler Hotel. She was suggested as a model by Photographer & Recording Artist Jay Prob. Once the images came back, it was as if Pam Grier’s Foxy Brown had resurfaced.

*Above photos courtesy of FutrLgnd Visuals. Use is restricted without prior agreement.
{Click thumbnails to enlarge the view}

After this project was complete and we connected socially, I started seeing these amazing, quirky little illustrations pop up on my Instagram feed. Lo and behold, this smoking hot model was also an amazing illustrator! You can find her on Instagram under @boxwine –but in the mean time…check out some of her work below:

*Courtesy of Artist. Not to be replicated without prior agreement from Mickala McFarlane

I decided I HAD to work with her again–this time, on the artist level. With that, we collaborated on a few exclusive illustrations for the brand {adrina dietra} to be made available for a limited amount of time to the public.

*Property of adrina dietra. Not to be replicated without prior agreement from brand.

Items have been produced in a variety of formats for {so far} the first two illustrations. There are iPhone cases, mugs, tanks, tees, totes, and even framed wall art.

Be sure to visit the site to grab your favorites before they are gone!

Thanks in advance for your support of local artistry!

Until next time, stay indulgent ladies and gents.




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