The Mourning After | Runway Show

So we did a thing! Ha–Check out the progression of events that lead up to our Runway show held at Binghamton’s Bundy Museum of History and Art!

The Casting Call:

Adrina Graham is feeling excited.

To My Dears of All Shapes, Sizes, Colors, & Creeds 💟💖💟

If you, or someone you know, would like to model in my very 1st solo, live model exhibition {squeal 🐖} taking place at Binghamton’s famed Bundy Museum of History & Art this October, please email me at or message me here!

Visit @adrinadietra here and on instagram for an overview of my work.

**Disclaimer** Garments will be lingerie and lingerie inspired

The Engaement Details

Please join us for our first ever, live solo engagement, which will be hosted by Binghamton’s historic Bundy Museum of History and Art.

The upcoming collection will be entitled, ‘The Mourning After.’ It will begin with an ensemble that is, though Intimate
Apparel Inspired, reminiscent of Victorian mourning wear. The presentation will close with a bridal
style ensemble—a nod to the origins of traditional couture.

Entry will be $7 with partial proceeds being donated to Avenue D.I.Y.: a Johnson City All Ages Art Space–a drug-free, safe haven, for youth and adults alike, to practice, create, and showcase what they love. This ranges from fine art to music and dance.

Doors open at 6pm with tickets available on arrival. Door gifts will be available to patrons on a, “first come, first serve,” basis, as supplies last. The 1st show will commence at 7pm. The encore performance will begin at 8:30pm.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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The Results:

Thanks so much to everyone that came to the viewings. Your support was and still is very humbling and highly appreciated!

With your help, we raised $110 for Avenue D.I.Y and $107 for The Bundy Museum of History & Art–A total of $217.

For more info on current and future A.D products, pop up shops, and shows, please visit

Thank you again!

*Photo courtesy of Katie Kanazawich at Habitat Studio


Continue below for some more amazing shots by Katie Kanazawhich, owner and photog at Habitat Studio!


The Look | Pre-Runway

The Show

A Little Fun


Special Thanks to All Involved!


Eric Eckman & The Bundy Museum of History and Art Staff

Katie Kanazawhich & Habitat Studio



Strange Brew

Muckles Inc


Hair & Makeup:

Adela Aragon

Alexis Tauterouff

Katelyn Marsh

Katie Sharp

Mari Felo












Be sure to follow socially and via email to be informed of future collection viewings!

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