founder . ceo . creative director

. Adrina, is a graduate of new York city’s famed fashion institute of technology.  she has also studied the industrial inner workings of the fashion industry while attending north Carolina state university.  she has held numerous temporary freelance and internship assignments as well as full – time permanent positions in the fashion industry.  these range from women’s wear, to evening/cocktail, to intimate apparel illustration, design, construction, and selling.  her work and contributions have appeared in numerous publications, including the cover of women’s wear daily.
.With continued praise from supervisors and peers, she decided to venture out and begin on the arduous ROAD to creating a company of her own. The immense amount of detail that goes into high fashion pieces, eveningwear, and lingerie has always drawn her closer than to many other art forms–but oftentimes she has combined mediums. her collections, more often than not, combine inspirations from vintage and antique fashions, objects, and images, as well as charity works and activism in an attempt make beauty apparent in unlikely places. This inspiration stems from hardships and tragedies experienced since childhood mixed with interests of the details, writings, and beauty of the past. 

.She has hopes for her creation to grow into a brick and mortar boutique–from there, the next step will be to give back to those in need by creating a scholarship/fund for the underprivileged.

2 thoughts on “History.

  1. Hi! Do you do apparel alterations? Taking existing clothing and modifying it. We have the garments, could mark or sketch where to cut and sew.

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